Monday, July 19, 2010

I forgot I had this

So its been forever since I updated this more personal blog. Ever since I started my other one just dedicated to more my art stuff I never signed back in on this one. Things have been really busy for me lately pursuing things in the art world. I've been pretty stoked on some success I've had. This month I made almost 1,000 bucks on my paintings!!! It's still real crazy to me when people offer me money for it cause I've always done it for free growing up that its still a little weird. I think I get more stoked on the fact that people are digging it then actually making money off it. My art show was the beginning of the month and I was really happy how it turned out. I liked walking around listening to people laugh as they saw the paintings and the captions. Thats all I wanted from it was to sit back and hear people laughing, watching them smile and have a good time. I've noticed since then, I haven't really painted that much, I think I just needed a break. I was painting non stop everyday for 3 months straight that this month I've just been relaxing. Well life has been good, and I hope all of you who read this are happy as well.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hey everyone! I finally started a new blog dedicated to just my art and the stories behind them. I will update that blog way more then this one. It's called so please follow it and tell your friends that are into art or just like to see drawings that make them laugh, cry, and turn the head sideways thinking how society has fallen so far with drawings like this (: Please check it out. thanks- tobal

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Time!

Hello everyone, I've realized its been forever since I updated this thing. In 2 days Christmas will be here, and I hope everyone is remembering the true reason for Christmas....PRESENTS!!!! haha jk. I hope we remember the birth of our Savior and his sacrafice for us. Also I've been thinking a lot about the homeless this time of year. I know a lot of times when we see homeless people we have ill feelings towards them like their dirty aliens or something but they were once innocent kids like us at one point that made some bad decisions or some bad things happened to them out of their control putting them out on the streets. I know with these economic times, were all pinching pennies but don't feel like money is the only thing we can offer them. A warm plate of food, a blanket, jacket, a friendly conversation, or even a smile can help these people feel the Christmas spirit. Even better an invitation to church. Sorry I don't have enough money to give all my friends something but I do send my love and friendship. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Five In's and Out's

1. Iphone apps especially the ones I make
2. Dickies just a little bit high water
3. Riding Bikes
4. Growing beards
5. Rolling up your beanies like a dock worker

1. Blue Tooth's
2. Puffy skate shoes
3. Jeans
4. New hip hop sucks
5. Long sideburns

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Great Session!

General Conference is coming up but this isn't about one of those sessions. This is about another great "skate" session I had. My friend Blake Johnson is a photographer and calls me up when he gets some free time away from being a husband, father, student and empolyee to go shoot some skate photos. We just went to the Orem park and was lucky enough that it wasn't crowded with the usual bikers, razor scooters, and whatever other random thing you can ride with wheels and were able to shoot these photos. There's a lot more that he hasn't emailed me but here are two that he has. A backside Ollie and a wallride. Thanks Blake for the great shots, and thanks skating for making everyday an adventure in the life of tobal.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What in the world is this creation?!

All I have to say about this picture of Carrot Top is...when you have low self esteem, living in a city of image (Vegas), and have lots of money to change things you don't like about yourself, you end up looking like this. Be proud of who you are, your all beautiful people you don't need to change anything.

Friday, September 11, 2009

My favorite day...Saturday

I'm sure most of you are like me and have Saturday listed under your favorite day. Unlike most of you Saturday is not my favorite day cause its my day off of work, its because it's the one day out of the week that I can skate my favorite street spots. I always drive around and look for skate spots and it sucks whenever I find something soooo good to skate, like it was sculpted by angels from heaven, and I can't skate it cause its infront of a business, school or a store. So what do I do...wait for Saturday to roll around, put on my favorite pair of Vans on, throw my board in the car, and hit that spot up all day. When the sun goes down, I thank the ledge or stair for the great memories and tell it I'll see it a week from now (: